About us

About us Gorille Cycles

A Gorille is born

Tame it and put the smile back in your commute!
The people behind Gorille cycles are French engineers from the automotive industry who wanted an electric bike with a different design from the current style.
As urbanites with a passion for surfing, the idea was to be able to get around in town just as easily as on the beach (in search of that perfect surf spot) with a bicycle that is equal parts fun and convenience.
A California-inspired design, a straight-back position, fat tires for the beach and comfort in the city, and a robust, high-quality electric system were the key components in the mix.
To ensure this unusual electric bicycle would be affordable, we had to focus on quality parts that had already been developed and distributed on several bike models.
Then we chose to work with suppliers of reputable quality and know-how and to conduct our own tests (heat, cold, altitude, humidity, etc.), and finally to assemble the bikes in France.
After we tested our prototypes, we launched the first series marketed to the public: a strong, sturdy, black bike with fat tires that was stocky but gentle with its rider… the Gorille was born!
Plucked right out of its tropical forest, our Gorille is not afraid of the urban jungle; in fact, it has mastered it quite handily. You will experience the same ease when you hop on your Gorille and rediscover the fun and enduring pleasures of commuting!

Our values:

  • We offer a competitive price by limiting overhead costs thanks to an online platform and a showroom open by appointment.
  • We love our product and we are its number one users.
  • We listen to our customers and are always seeking to improve (we welcome your feedback!).
  • We want to build a community of Gorilles to perpetuate the image of fun, easy travel through rallies, group rides, and more.

What are you waiting for? Follow your animal instinct and contact us to learn and see more.
Just be warned: once you have tamed your ride, you will never want to release it back into the wild!