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The Gorilla, an original e-bike!
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Assembled in the Landes region in our workshop at Capbreton with batteries Made in France

Gorille Cycles
Gorille Cycles

The Gorille cycle was created by French automobile engineers who wanted to design a different style than the already existing conventional electric bikes.
The main elements of the project were to design a California inspired design beach cruiser, with fat tyres for beach or urban rides, a « straight back » position, and robust and high quality electric parts.

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What the users say

« It’s a pleasure to cycle to work on my Gorilla! I am a physiotherapist and ride it all day to visit my patient »
Christiane, 49 ans
«  I’ve had my Gorilla since October 2017. 1100 miles and no problem with motor, battery and cycle parts. A very comfortable bike. I’m very satisfied of my purchase and the professional and customer friendly Gorille cycles team »
Guy, 55 ans
«  I finally decided to buy an electric bike and was looking for an unconventional model. The Gorilla is a delight, magnificent , strong and powerful! Very satisfied and I recommend to buy one to those who are hesitating. I’m thanking the whole team and Christophe for their professionalism.Get a Gorilla! You won’t be disappointed. »
Sylvain, 32ans
« Super! My grandson has become a fan of your brand! Thank you all!  »
Stan, 36 ans
« The Gorilla is incredible! We use it a lot on dirt tracks in search for good waves. Super for a short ride together as well. »
Fred, 38 ans
« Looking for an electric bike I found the Gorille and I knew that I wanted it. 2200 miles later and I am still enjoying my daily rides. A very attractive bike, approved by many Parisians. »
Mory, 40 ans
« Very good product. Goes well in the sand. »
Bruno, 45 ans
« Hello, the delivery was problematic but you did your best. Totally satisfied of my Gorilla with its homogenous design. I mainly go for rides on tracks in the Aveyron region. It’s very confortable thanks to its fat tyres and quality saddle. I just need a saddlebag now!  »
Alain, 56 ans
«  I’ve been looking to buy an electric bike for a long time and I found the existing models very ugly. They looked like granny bikes with a battery attached to the cargo rack. When I found your Gorille online, I knew I wanted it! A hell of a look (people turn around when I cycle past them), comfort, it’s all pleasure. »
Bruno, 48 ans
« Bonjour ! Très satisfait de nos Gorilles Mâle & Lady 250w batterie 20ah. J'en suis même amoureux lol. Je lui mets 5/5 sans souci. Mention particulière à l'équipe Gorille qui est au top (gentillesse, disponibilité sans faille, compétence, et très correct, vraiment). Après 150 kilomètres, moi qui pèse 150 kilos pour 1m97, je ne regrette pas du tout mon choix. Le vélo est très costaud et la position adaptée pour cruiser tranquille. En ville, les passants s'arrêtent pour admirer nos Gorilles. »
Eric et Aline, 46 ans
« Élégant, fiable, rapide, tout simplement le meilleur investissement pour circuler dans Paris et éviter les kilomètres de bouchons. Laissez vous tenter, je suis séduit à 100%. »
Dany, 26 ans
« Très satisfait ! J'utilise beaucoup la selle passager pour emmener ma femme en amazone. On a plus besoin d'Über pour sortir au restau/théâtre...etc. »
Fabrice, 45 ans
« Le vélo est top ! Mon fils s'en sert beaucoup également. Cela remplace le scooter, en plus écolo et plus sûr ! »
Pascal, 41 ans
Gorille Cycles

the Gorillas !

Save the gorillas!
A donation of 20€ is made to the Gorilla association, per bike sold.
You are contributing to the protection of nature when purchasing a gorille ebike!

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