ABUS Bordo X Plus lock


Bike thieves better back off! A light foldable bike lock!ABUS revolutionized bike locks with the Bordo and invented a new category of anti-theft devices the bendable lock.  The Bordo family of anti-theft devices boasts features that cannot be found in any other line of bike locks:  flexibility, light weight and compact. These characteristics are common…

5.5-mm steel bars and links with coating to protect your bike's finish Lock body covered with "soft touch" silicone The ABUS Link Protection Shield manufacturing technique ensures effective protection against interfierance. The bars, links, case and some locking system components are made of special hardened ABUS X Plus Cylindre steel for maximum protection against picking. Sold with two keys, including one with LED light. Sold with a code card to duplicate the keys. Transport:  A clip-on bag makes for convenient carrying. Flexible set-up using non-slip straps or screws on the bottle holder. Tips:  This model can be ordered with a key to match other locks so that one key unlocks multiple devices. The perfect combination:  extra-sturdy theft deterrent, extremely flexible, light and easy to carry.
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