You want to buy a Gorille, but you aren't quite sure ?

Take advantage of the latest subsidies offered by many cities to treat yourself or get treated to a Gorille!

Environmental responsibility and sustainable development are policy priorities for many institutions and city governments in France.

The last several years have seen a plethora of cyclist-friendly developments, including bike lanes. This gives users a healthy, eco-friendly transportation alternative compared to traditional means of transit.
This is why several cities and metropolitan areas grant "eco-subsidies" that can be used to purchase a Gorille e-bike (electric-assisted bicycle).

Contact your city hall for information so you can take advantage of the program.

Example: In Paris the subsidy is €400 when you purchase a Gorille for €1,990. ! That makes your final cost €1,590!

Get more information here.
News update, 2/19/2017: The government just announced (Decree no. 2017-196) the implementation of a national eco-bonus in the amount of €200 toward the purchase of an e-bike by any resident of France. This eco-bonus cannot be combined with other financial aid measures already in place in certain cities.

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