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GORILLA accessories

GORILLA association sticker to benefit the great apes

Save the last gorillas! Help us support this association that protects gorillas and large primates!
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Gorille cycles cares about sustainable development, which includes preserving these magnificent species.

When you purchase this sticker, you are helping to protect the gorillas and other large primates !

The GORILLA association was founded in January 1986 and works as directly as possible to protect gorillas and other great apes.

It is an international, non-profit association (as defined by the 1901 Act).

Gorillas are in dire straits: the most majestic and powerful of our cousins has nearly been wiped out.  Deforestation and poaching have reduced their numbers drastically and their populations are highly localized, putting them on a fast track toward extinction.

What GORILLA does:

  • Fund or co-fund active conservation projects to benefit the great apes, in close collaboration with authorities in the countries concerned.
  • Promote anti-poaching patrols (purchasing equipment, paying bonuses) . . .
  • Protecting the natural habitat
  • Provide information, raise awareness
  • Support other great ape conservation programs

GORILLA works primarily in RWANDA to save MOUNTAIN GORILLAS, but it also works in the CONGO, where it sponsors the CONKOUATI SANCTUARY. It also actively supports HELP CONGO and Aliette JAMART, whose efforts focus on reintroducing formerly captive chimpanzees into a wilderness reserve (  GORILLA tries to work independently, with no middle men.  When necessary, it collaborates with and receives support from other organizations (Brigitte BARDOT Foundation, the SPA, etc. . . ).  Its managers are volunteers.  GORILLA does not employ any paid staff.  Its resources come solely from membership dues and donations.  It receives no subsidies.

Buying a Gorille e-bike is a responsible choice in favor of eco-mobility.  When you buy this sticker, you add an environmental protection dimension to your purchase!