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GORILLA accessories

Extra 36V/48V 10Ah battery

Double your cycling range !
300,00 €
Disponible à partir de mi-septembre

To double the cycling range of your Gorille e-bike and tackle the unexpected without delay,  keep a fully charged extra battery in your garage !

SAMSUNG 400Wh Lithium-ion technology 36V-10.4Ah battery, 60% minimum residual capacity after 18,600 miles.

Warranty valid for 2 years or 1,000 charge-discharge cycles.

Available in black or white to adapt to the California design of your Gorille fat tire e-bike!

Here are our estimates for the average range of a single battery (flat surface, 155-lb rider, no wind, assistance level 3 out of 5) and a span of ranges depicting extreme cases.  

 Battery capacity
 Average Min Max
 10Ah 25mi 6mi 40mi
 15Ah 31mi 9mi 50mi
 20Ah 37mi 12mi 62mi